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Anti-Clockwise (Linksherum)

Video, Intervention, 1´34´´, Wien, 2019

Video, Intervention, 1´34´´, Vienna, 2019

In dieser Arbeit habe ich mich auf die Suche nach Objekten gemacht, die sich in Drehung versetzen lassen. Diese meist alltäglichen Gegenstände versuchte ich dann, so intensiv wie möglich, linksherum in Bewegung zu bringen.

In this work, I set out in search of objects that can be set in rotation. I then tried to rotate these mostly everyday objects in an anticlockwise direction as much as possible.







"Turn, turn, turn. One of two fleeting-but-riveting provocations in this year’s festival from the Vienna-based conceptualist dubbed “Europe’s Most Irritating Public Artist.” Here Heindl delivers what eminent Australian critic Adrian Martin approvingly described as “a linear montage devoted to the haphazard project of setting all manner of urban objects spinning in the same useless, anti-functional direction.” 


Neil Young, Vienna International Shorts Film Festival 2020







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